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Friday, 25.05.2018
Saturday, 26.05.2018
prof. Stas Glazewski

Keele University, England

Impact of Astrocytes on Neuronal Activity

In recent years, it has emerged whereby astrocytes play a far greater role in brain function than was previously envisaged. This includes their participation in regulation of brain’s blood flow, formation of blood-brain and CSF-brain barriers, homeostasis of interstitial fluid, removal of metabolites from the interstitial spaces.

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dr Michal Kucewicz

Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, USA

Mapping and stimulation of memory in the human brain – can engrams be electrically enhanced?

Direct electrical stimulation of the human brain can elicit sensory and motor perceptions as well as recall of memories. Stimulating higher order association areas of the lateral temporal cortex in particular has been reported to activate visual and auditory memory representations of past experiences.

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